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Dewatering screw press

  • Introduction

The dewatering screw press is a press separation device capable of continuously operating, for extruding liquids of organic materials and separating slags of inorganic materials. The screen is not clogged and there is no requirement for feed concentration, viscosity, hardness, enthalpy, and particle size and fiber length. The dewatering screw press can run stably and smoothly, with low failure rate, low operating and maintenance costs (non-stressed screen and protective extrusion), high juice yield and dewatering rate. The juice yield of some fruits and vegetables reaches 85%, and dewater fruit with core is also a unique function: some materials have a dryness of 20% after dewatering, showing the magical effect that is difficult to achieve with ordinary dewatering screw press for your waste recycling. The use or extraction of juice brings considerable economic benefits.

dewatering screw press Dewatering screw press

Technical features of dewatering screw press:

1. For the complex materials of biogas residue, it is not afraid of wear and tear, and the effluent is smooth, relying on the effective cooperation of spiral and screen to achieve the purpose of press separation;

2. The dewatering screw press successfully solves the problem of screen clogging. The core technology is the cooperation of the spiral and the screen to realize the self-cleaning function of the screen, that is, the interaction between the special device and the spiral to stir the material, one to avoid The material holds the shaft, and the other, the material realizes the blockage of the material particles falling off the screen during the spiral forward advancement process;

3. The control of the tail cone for this dewatering screw press is different from the spring, hydraulic, handwheel, etc., which are common in the market. The pneumatic device with extremely low maintenance cost is used to effectively realize the “back pressure” control of the material press through the specific design. After a certain pressing pressure, the device automatically controls the pressing force of the material to avoid slag drying and wetting. At the same time, the dewatering screw press is especially suitable for assembly line operation due to the superposition compression principle, avoiding the drawbacks of the ordinary pressing machine which need for centralized treatment;

dewatering screw pressDewatering screw press

4. The special angle design of the feeding box can effectively prevent the phenomenon of “bridge” of some sticky materials. Although it is a small detail, once the “bridge” is produced at the production site, it will cause the dewatering screw press to be stopped without any feeding. It is very troublesome. So the details determine success or failure;

5. All the screens of the dewatering screw press adopts two half screens which are suitable for food processing and fruit and vegetable processing industries, which can be easily dismantled and thoroughly cleaned;

6, Sandblasting treatment, beautiful shape, simple structure, low-speed transmission, high torque output, low noise, no vibration.Meanwhile, dewatering screw press also features with less driven parts, less need to replace the wearing parts, low maintenance costs, is a perfect machine for solid-liquid separation and fruit and vegetable processing.

dewatering screw pressDewatering screw press

Scope of use for dewatering screw press:

1, Fruit and vegetable and root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit and other materials juice. Such as apple, pear, ginger, grape, alfalfa, pineapple, kiwi, mulberry, blueberry, pure sea buckthorn, orange, medlar, etc.; chrysanthemum, peony, rose and other flowers; beets, red fruits, Jerusalem artichoke, aloe vera, palm, olive, Pomegranate, etc.

2. Solid-liquid separation of solid or liquid materials in various industries and press dewatering of waste residue.

Food processing: carrot, coconut, mushroom, glutinous rice distiller's grains, seafood waste, onion residue, melon residue, bean sprout residue, citrus comprehensive utilization, tobacco, beet pulp, Jerusalem artichoke, oil residue, coco peat, various Chinese medicine residue, various tea residue , vinegar, beer, coffee grounds, corn husk, furfural residue, fish gizzard, shrimp residue, chicken feather slag, etc.; soy protein, pectin, xanthan gum, etc.;

Energy: biogas slag, sweet sorghum, water hyacinth, cassava residue, sweet potato slag, potato slag, bagasse, seaweed, various oil residues, etc.;

Others: filter slag, urinary waste, cellulose, medical waste, rubber waste;

3. Separation of fruit and vegetable garbage, kitchen waste, and domestic garbage; separation of food waste, organic matter and inorganic matter;

4, Dehydration of various manure, such as: pig manure, cow dung, duck manure, etc. and the crushing separation of slaughterhouse sewage;

5, Sludge, pulp dewatering, plastic recycling.

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