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High frutcose corn syrup is a liquid alternative sweetener to sucrose that is made from corn.

High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a product of maize (corn) that has been processed into a syrup with a higher than normal fructose-glucose ratio. The process for making high-fructose corn syrup using enzymes was first developed in the 1950s, and by the mid-1970s HFCS was widely used as a sweetener in sodas and other processed foods.In other countries, particularly those countries where "corn" is a generic term for any cereal crop, HFCS is called "glucose-fructose syrup."

Here is the processing line of high frutcose corn syrup:

High frutcose corn syrup processing line

High fructose corn syrup processing line

1. Corn starch milk processing

Steeping , crushing , corn germ separation fine milling , corn firber separation , corn gluten separation , and to get the pure corn starch milk. 

2. Corn starch milk adjustment 
3. Liquefaction of corn syrup manufacturing process
The liquefaction process is convert the starch into liquid dextrin. With the aid of amylase and steam , the starch will be converted into liquid dextrin quickly. 
4. Saccharification section
This process is convert the liquid dextrin into required DE value corn syrup with the aid of gluco-amylase. This process is to get the crude and dark color corn syrup.
5. Decolorization process
The decolorization process is removing the color of corn syrup by activated carbon.  
6.Decarburization process of making high fructose syrup corn syrup
The decarburization process is separating the activated carbon from the corn syrup by filter press to get clear corn syrup. 
7. Ion exchange machine
The Ion exchange process is using the resin to remove the tiny foreign items and bad odor to get high quality pure corn syrup.
high fructose corn syrup processing machine

Ion exchange machine in process of making high fructose corn syrup

8. Evaporation process of making high fructose corn syrup
This process is to evaporate the water inside the corn syrup to increase the DS of corn syrup.Usually it need multi-effect evaporator work together with the single effect evaporator for producing high DS value corn syrup.
9.  Final product storage process of making high fructose corn syrup
The corn syrup reach required DS in the evaporation process will be pumped into final product storage tanks for storage or sell .
The below picture is the 3D picture for showing the process of making high fructose corn syrup and the main high fructose corn syrup machine.
process of making high fructose corn syrup

Process of making high fructose corn syrup

My company (Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd) adopt the morden and advanced technology for high fructose corn syrup processing machine.It doesn't need to get the corn starch firstly,we can make the corn to corn syrup drectly.Welcome to visit my factory and see our high fructose corn syrup processing machine and talking the process of making high fructose corn syrup.


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