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Starch production in the world

Date:Nov 02, 2018/ Industry news/ Chat online

Starch production

Starch production 


Starch production in the world 


          Starch production is an isolation of starch from plant sources. It takes place in starch plants. The starch production industry extracts and refines starches from seeds, roots and tubers, by wet grinding, washing, sieving and drying. Starch production industry is a part of food processing which is using starch as a starting material for production of starch derivatives, hydrolysates, dextrins.
         At first, the raw material for the preparation of the starch was wheat. Currently main starch sources are:

corn (maize) – 70%,

potatoes  – 12%,

wheat - 8%,

tapioca - 9%,

rice, sorghum and other - 1%.
        Now the corn  is become the main source of starch production industry.  


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