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Cassava grinding machine ready for shipping to Nigeria

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Cassava grinding machine ready for shipping to nigeria

Cassava grinding machine ready for shipping to Nigeria

Nigeria customer order some cassava grinding machine for us in June, and now, the casava grinding machine is ready to ship.

Cassava roots are traditionally grated into a mash or pulp as part of the process to remove cyanide and make the roots safe to eat.Traditional cassava graters are usually made from perforated metal sheets.These rust quickly and are difficult to keep clean.They are also very slow and labor intensive to use.

Mechanized graters are needed to produce a sufficient quantity of cassava mash to meet market demands and standards.

Detailed description of cassava grinding machine:

When loading the cassava grinding machine with washed and peeled cassava roots while the machine is running to crush the roots into  pulp. Roller type gringding machine will  grinding the cassava roots into pulp.

cassava grinding machine

Cassava grinding machine

Features of cassava grinding machine:

There are 2 exits for the grater to ensure no waste.

One is collecting starch milk, you can collect 20% pure starch milk from the fresh cassava roots;

Another is for cassava pulp, The pulp moisture around 65%.

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