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In recent years, with the continuous develop of people's consumption level, food and beverage industry rapidly develop, the demand quantity of suguar also increased a lot. But on the other hand, because of the petroleum international price risen, Brazil and other sugarcane major origin area and countries increase the quantity of sugarcane cost in fuel processing, then the sugar with the rise in price. Nowadays, the corn syrup mainly made by corn starch which can substitute sugar or as a good supplement has been get more and more concentration. The specilized said, compact with sugar, corn starch has a higher competitiveness, not only in health and practicality, but also in price, with a strong market develop prospect.

corn syrup substitute sugar

Corn syrup uses

As a sugar substitute, corn syrup added in food can soften taste, increase water content, prevent sugar crystallization. In the food producing industry, corn syrup widely used as thickener, sweetner, humectant-corn syrup can keep the moisture of food, also keep the food fresh. In American, limited sugar import quantity, sugar price more higher in American, to control the production cost, many food and beverage company use corn syrup substitute sugar. Included the Coca-Cola company.

corn syrup production machine

Corn syrup production machine made by Doing Company

Corn syrup substitute sugar has been a general trend, with more and more widely used in industry production, corn syrup production also will be develop fast and wide. Henan Doing Machinery specialized in design, manufacture and installation of corn syrup production. We offer whole set corn syrup production equipment, according to each customer's condation special designed the production plan for you. The corn syrup actually is the syrup production from corn, it includes glucose, fructose and maltose. More widely usage in the industrial production, corn syrup production also has been a good project to start your business.

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