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This week,we shipped the starch dewatering machine to India, the customer can use the starch dewatering machine during wheat starch processsing, potato starch processing and  cassava starch processing. For our India customer, he mainly use it during the wheat starch processing, because he use wheat flour to  get the gluten at the same time,  and then use gluten to make snack food.

For the starch slurry,the will use the starch dewatering machine to dewater, and then he can get the pure starch;If not,he will use the starch slurry to make cooled noodles.

packing starch dewatering machine for India client

Packing starch dewatering machine for India client

1.Description for SS800-N commercial starch dewatering machine:

SS-N series starch dewatering machine is made of high quality stainless steel.Superior performance,smooth running.High dewatering rate.high capacity dehydrated machine quote from the west Germany technique,press national standard the creation,for the first founds country the inside.They have the characteristics of big capacity and low consumption etc.But having the perfect quakeproof,settle,auto controls the system with the safety.

starch dewatering machine

Starch dewatering machine

2. SS800-N commercial starch dewatering machine advantages:

(1)stainless steel material

(2)West Germany technique,national standard

(3)high quality but lower price.

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