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sweet potato starch processing machine

Sweet potato starch machinery

At present, sweet potato starch processing technology is based on acid slurry method and in recent years has been gradual transition to physical cyclone method. The production of sweet potato starch is not good quality and the health indicators, purity targets and consumption is difficult to achieve foreign standards, as well as most of the sweet potato starch production export difficulties. The product is low-end, low added value.

Flow chart  of sweet potato starch machinery

sweet potato starch machinery

Sweet potato starch machinery

Features of sweet potato starch machinery

Our company newly designs the sweet potato starch machinery according the China actual status. Especially for the high sugar content of sweet potatos, pectin and other heavy screening seriously affect actual results; optimize the design of the screening system. Production of starch and European quality fully synchronized, which is characterized as follows:

Using the latest design system for customers to provide more detailed drawings, easy to install and save time

Fully enclosed, modular structure, compact layout and greatly reduced installation time

sweet potato starch production plant

​Sweet potato starch production machinery

 Control system is reliable; customers can request a variety of different from automatic to semi-automatic control system

Control system is reliable, capable and stable, continuous production of quality products, and customers can make demands for a variety of different from automatic to semi-automatic control system.

We have our own processing factory and professional team of engineers, the engineers  team is about 20 people,we can provide you a feasibility program according to your demand for sweet potato starch machinery.


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