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Potato starch production line

Potato starch production line

potato starch production line project  in China

In the world, the potato , sweet potato and the cassava always used to be processed the starch . The starch can be used in many industrial , such as starch sugar industrial , food industrial , paper making industrial and so on .Our factory  professional manufacture the complete set potato starch production line .  sweet potato starch production line , cassava starch production line etc since 1994

The potato starch production line including: washing ;  crushing ;  slurry-residue separation ; de-sanding ; starch slurry refining ; de-watering ; drying to get the final starch product .

The machine of potato starch production line include : the potato conveying machine , washing machine , grinding machine , separating seive , de-sander , hydrocyclone group , vacuum dehydration machine ; starch dryer machine .

potato starch machine

Potato starch production line hammer mill

The potato starch production line can be  automatic production line or hald automatic potato starch production line,  The potato starch production line only need few workers to operate full potato starch production line . The processing time of raw material to final product is short , from putting the raw material (fresh potato) into the potato starch production line until get the final dry starch is less than 30 minutes . During the Potato starch production , it only need raw material , power , water and  few workers , do not need any other chemical additives .

We do not only supply the potato starch produciton line , we also can design the potato starch plant for the customers .


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