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Syrup production line

syrup production line

Syrup production line

All kinds of starch sugar will be got by corn starch hydrolysis with acid or enzyme. The liquid products are maltose, glucose syrup, fructose syrup; The solid products are monohydrate dextrose, anhydrous dextrose, crystal fructose, maltodextrin, etc. They are mainly used as a sweetener in food industry. Anhydrous dextrose can be used as medical injection, tablet embedding medium, sweeteners for medicinal syrup. Glucose and maltose can produce sorbitol and maltitol after hydrogenation, which are used in the food and toothpaste to prevent dental caries. In addition, the polyols can lead corn sugar products into petroleum field.

Rice syrup production line

Syrup production technology

Our technology of glucose syrup production line is that  we use raw grain like rice and  corn to convert  glucose syrup directly.

Which is the newest technology of syrup production line with  features as below:

1. With  no enviroment pollution

2. With more by product

3. WIth  less machine investment


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