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sweet potato starch machine

In daily operation, we should regularly check and maintain the sweet potato starch machine. During operation, we should strictly implement rules, check the parts regularly and observe to guarantee timely disposal of the motor. Potato starch machine management and testing is an important part of quality management department of flour, potato starch machine quality will directly affect the normal work. Sweet potato starch machine must be correct used and maintenance.

The specific maintenance and operation key points of Sweet potato starch machine are as follows:

1. Daily maintenance and calibration for repair of factors affecting testing results, we should pay close attention to, strict control, to reduce the error.

2. At the same time to ensure that all equipment working table fixed, flat, with wheat flour machinery requirements.

3. All the potato starch equipment after use should be cleaned in time and reduction, in order to ensure the smooth conduct of the experiment next time.

4. Electrical equipment should be installed with the rated power with independent power supply switch, and a good grounding, individual flour machine equipment should be according to the specification requirements with regulated power supply.

In annual maintenance, we should demount the motor, clean, lubricate and change the bearings to make sure the machine operate in a good condition

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