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cassava starch making machine

Cassava starch making machie

Starch is one of the most abundant substances in nature, a renewable and almost unlimited resource. Cassava starch is produced primarily by the wet milling of fresh cassava roots but cassava starch also can be produced from dry cassava chips. Cassava starch is used to produce such diverse products as food, paper, textiles, adhesives, beverages, confectionery, pharmaceuticals, and building materials.

How to make cassava starch from cassava roots ? 

The mechanized production of  make starch from cassava root process as below :

1.Cassava receival of making starch from cassava root

After the cassava is sent to the factory from the cassava farm. The cassava will be randomly selected to test the starch content in the cassava  by using the object floating in liquid.Then the cassava wil be storage in yard of starch making plant wait for production . 

2. cassava cleaning and washing process of making starch from cassava root 
The cassava  through the quality inspection process will be sent to cassava cleaning machine to separate the soil and sand. After that, the cassava is transport to the washing  machine to wash to get the
cleaned cassava for next process. 
cassava processing machine
Cassava starch cleaning and washing machine for making starch
3. Cassava wet milling  process of making starch from cassava root 
The clean cassava is sent to the cursher and milling machine  to cursh and mill the cassava with water into slurry to release the starch at most.
4. Starch extraction process of making starch from cassava root 
The cassava slurry will be pump into the centrifuge sieve to separate the cassava reside and crude starch milk. 
starch making machine
Cassava starch makig machine 
5. Starch concentration and refining of starch of making starch from cassava root 
In order to produce the high quality of starch, the time taken for the starch production must be as short as possible. The crude starch milk  that has been separated from the cassava residue will be passed through the hydrocyclone for concentration and refining to get the pure starch milk.
automatic starch production plant
Hydro cyclones for making high quality cassava starch
6.Drying and packing of starch product of making starch from cassava root
The pure starch milk will be separated from the starch using vacuum dehydrator. The separated wet starch will then transport into a steam pipe with  hot air from the furnace or steam boiler. It takes only a short period of time to dry the starch, in order to prevent condensation of starch granules and on the other hand, to prevent decomposition of the starch as well.
The cassava starch received from the  cyclone will being poured down the sieve,   to get equal sizes of starch. The dried starch is then sifted through a sieve before being packed into bags with the  automatic packing machine .
Our company can supply the complete cassava starch making machine to make starch from cassava root to help the buyer get profit from the cassava .

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