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What is the cassava starch production process ?

Date:Dec 07, 2015/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

 cassava starch production process

 cassava starch production process 



          Cassava starch production process primarily is the wet milling of fresh cassava roots .  Starch is the main constituent of cassava. About 25% starch may be obtained from mature, good quality tubers. About 60 % starch may be obtained from dry cassava chips and about 10 % dry pulp may be obtained per 100 kg of cassava roots.
          Fresh tubers are processed during season and dry chips during the off-season in some countries. Extraction of starch from fresh cassava roots  cassava starch production process can be divided into five main stages: preparation (peeling and washing), crushing , purification (starch washing), dewatering and drying, and finishing (milling and packaging).
         For cassava, the process of starch extraction is relatively simple as there are only small amounts of secondary substances, such as protein, in the roots. When cassava roots are harvested or selected for starch extraction, age and root quality are critical factors. Cassava roots need to be processed almost immediately after harvest, as the roots are highly perishable and enzymatic processes accelerate deterioration within 1-2 days. A first-rate quality starch can be obtained from cassava using only water, and this makes the processing of cassava starch and flour particularly suitable for developing countries and rural industries.

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