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What is glucose syrup used for?

Date:Dec 07, 2015/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

glucose syrup processing line

glucose syrup processing line

What is glucose syrup used for?

Glucose syrup is a highly processed product that improves the color, texture, flavor and stability of many foods. It is therefore useful in a variety of products such as beverages, confectionery and dairy products. It is used to sweeten jams and jellies and as a medium for cough medication and vitamin tonics.

The liquid that is used as fake blood in the entertainment industry usually contains glucose syrup. Glucose is both inexpensive and acts as a thickening agent, both of which are essential for fake blood mixtures.

Glucose syrup is used as a replacement for sugar or honey in many recipes that require a lesser degree of sweetness. It is also used in fruit and vegetable conserves and in the production of tomato sauce and ketchup. In the United States, glucose syrup has almost entirely replaced sugar in commercially produced lemonade and energy drinks.

Glucose is created by breaking down or hydrolyzing the sugar molecules in starch. Corn is the most common source of this starch, and therefore, glucose syrup is also called corn syrup. potatos, rice, wheat and barley can also provide starch for the production of glucose syrup.

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