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How to use the gluten machine?

Date:Dec 02, 2017/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Gluten is one kind of food that is popular among people. Usually people can make gluten manually at home, but it is low efficiency. Gluten machine produced by DOING can help you solve the problem and you can even start business with small investment. 

gluten machine

Gluten machine and main parts

The below is the description of operation of gluten machine.
1.Put water and wheat flour in the gluten machine with certain proportion.
2.Make wheat dough: rollers inside gluten machine will rotate in certain direction for some time and then turn in opposite direction for several minutes. The procedure will cost about 12 minutes.
3.Wheat dough yeast: yeasting time at least 12 minutes
4.After 12 minutes yeasting, put water into the gluten machine and then make machine work  to start washing process. 
5.Discharge wheat slurry to release starch.
6.At last get the final product gluten.
gluten machine
The operation of gluten machine
Automatic gluten machine produced by DOING has advantage of simple structure, easy-operation and lower power consumption, which can help you make gluten more efficiently. 
The material of gluten machine can be stainless steel or carbon steel, we can produce the different capacity gluten machine according to your demand.

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