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What is wheat starch ?

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wheat starch

wheat starch



        Starch is made by plants. When plants are growing during growing season, the green leaves obtain energy from sunlight and it is this energy that is used to create the starch. The starch is created from a sugar conversion, which occurs through enzymes.
         Wheat comes in a number of varieties, but are most commonly classified as either being winter wheat or spring wheat. Winter wheat is planted in the fall and spring wheat is planted in the spring. There are three ancient varieties of wheat that are still grown today: einkorn, or Triticum monococcum; emmer, or Triticum dicoccum; and spelt, or Triticum spelta. One of the hard varieties of wheat, which is Triticum aestivum, is grown primarily for bread while the hardest of the wheat varities, which is Triticum durum, is grown primarily for pasta products.
        Wheat gluten is a protein found in wheat. Gluten is what allows the bread or dough to have its texture and to rise during baking. Gluten and starch are both found inside of wheat. Some people have problems with gluten in their diet and have gluten sensitivities, which is also known as gluten intolerance. Some people have a strong reaction to gluten and have what is known as celiac disease.

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