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Gluten washer machine

Gluten washer machine introduction:

The gluten washer machine has the character of high efficiency, energy saving, and clean washing effect. This machine is suitable for using in gluten making business.

gluten washer machineGluten washer machine

Working process of gluten washer machine:

1).Pour flour and water into hopper before starting up, the ratio of wheat flour and water is 10:6 or 10:7, (10kg flour with 6kg or 7 kg water), then starts up gluten washer machine

2). knead dough: It takes about 12 minutes, it requires clockwise rotation for 5-6 minutes, then rotation in the diverse direction for about 5-6 minutes, then stop the gluten washer machine for a few minutes. Better to cover the dough with cloth.

3). Stop knead dough: Waiting no less than 12 minutes

4). Washing dough several times: After the gluten washer machine stops for 12 minutes, pour about 30 kg of water into the machine, turn on the machine to wash dough, and then stop the machine to discharge the batter after 3 minutes

5). Get gluten: Move the separator to the grading position. When the hopper discharges batter, the filter must be inserted into gluten washer machine until the batter is thoroughly discharged.

The secondary washing time in gluten washing machine should not exceed 5 minutes. The later two washing time can be longer. Repeat the 3) and 4) steps for 2-3 times to get gluten.

DOING gluten washer machine plantDOING gluten washer machine production plant

Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise integrating research, development and production of complete sets of equipment for agricultural products.The double helix gluten washer machine has obtained the technical patent. DOING has a perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sale service system.DOING products are sold to many provinces and regions in China, and exported to Russia, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania and other countries. Any concern about gluten washer machine, welcome to contact us.

Indian customer visiting gluten washer machineIndian customer visiting gluten washer machine

Technical parameters of gluten washer:

Model Output (kg/h) Power (kw) Outer size (mm)
SLM250 25Okg/h 6 2600 ×1000×1150
SLM500 50Okg/h 11 3000×1200×1200
SLM750 75Okg/h 15 3400×1400×1250

Application of gluten washer machine:

1.Wheat gluten production line

2.Wheat starch production line

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