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Cassava peeling machine

Cassava peeling machine introduction:

Cassava peeling machine is designed and made by the features of root potatos processing machinery. Adopted the brush process principle. Widely used for cassava peeling and cleaning.

cassava peeling machine

Cassava peeling machine in operation and final cassava

Henan Doing CO. cassava peeling machine with high efficiency and features as below:
1. Box with high quality material, does not rust, keep clean.
2. Hair roller is not easy deformation, rolling brush made of nylon cord, durable.
3. The final cassava peeling rate more than 95%, well cleaning.
4. Cage design, low power consumption, large handling capacity.
5. Small size, light weight, beautiful appearance and easy operation.

We also have full stainless steel cassava peeling machine, you can select according to your requests.

stainless steel cassava peeling machine

Full stainless steel cassava peeling machine

cassava peeler

Cassava peeler in operation

Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Roller quantity(pc) Size(mm)
SGTP-6 3.7 2-3 6 4000*820*1500
SGTP-10 6.2 4-5 10 4000*1250*1500

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