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Screw press dewatering machine

  • Introduction

Introduction of screw press dewatering machine

The screw press dewatering machine is also called dewatering screw press which is a main equipment for coagulation and dehydration. It is mainly composed of a screw, a shell and a cone. The flexible coupling connects the screw shaft to the output shaft of the reducer. The screw extrusion dewatering machine can be widely used in the dewatering operation of high humidity residue materials before drying.

Screw press dewatering machineScrew press dewatering machine

Main structure introduction


Screw press dewatering machine consists of a joint thread and a collar alternately sleeved on the screw shaft. Each thread and collar are fixed into the screw shaft. In addition to the three-section isometric continuous thread in the first section (feeding zone),the other sections are single-turn open type. The pitch of each section in screw press dewatering machine is different, gradually decreasing from the low pressure side to the high pressure side, and the diameter of the hub is gradually increased. Large to increase the pressure to squeeze out the moisture in the rubber.


It consists of a scorpion plate composed of cages fixed on the skeleton. The scorpion board is divided into 8 sections, each of which varies in length. The cylinder has an inner diameter of 18 inches and is bolted in two halves on the vertical centerline for easy removal during cleaning and maintenance. The cages constituting the rafters are separated by spring pieces to form a longitudinal slit to allow moisture to flow out. A scraper in screw press dewatering machine is arranged on the upper and lower sides of the cylinder, corresponding to the position of the collar on the screw, and the function is to prevent the rubber from rotating with the screw, forcing the rubber to change the direction and position of the advancement, and forming a loose porous shape to Conducive to drying.

Screw press dewatering machineScrew press dewatering

Technical parameters of screw press dewatering machine

Model Capacity(t/h) Screw diameter(mm) Speed(r/min) Power(Kw) Size(mm) Weight(t)
ZTZY-180 0.3-1/0.5 180 20 4 2500*550*800 0.8
ZTZY-250 0.8-3/0.93 250 16 5.5 3050*640*930 1.2
ZTZY-315 2-5/1.6 315 16 11 4000*790*1310 2.4
ZTZY-400 5-13/2 400 10 22 5000*1120*1520 4.5
ZTZY-500 8-18/3.3 500 9 37 6100*1200*1500 6
ZTZY-630 15-35/4.2 630 9 45 6700*1560*1720 7.5
ZTZY-800 25-50/7 800 7 75 7500*2300*2200 9
ZTZY-1000 30-70/8.5 1000 6 90 8100*2700*2600 12

Screw press dewatering machineScrew press dewatering machine

Working principle of screw press dewatering machine

Concentration: when the screw drives the shaft to rotate, the multiple solid lamination located on the periphery of the driving shaft moves relatively. Under the action of gravity, water is filtered out from the relatively moving lamination gap to achieve rapid concentration.

Dehydration: The concentrated sludge moves forward as the spiral shaft rotates. Along the outlet direction of the mud-cake, the screw pitch of the spiral axis gradually decreased, the gap between the ring and the ring gradually decreased, and the volume of the spiral cavity kept shrinking. Under the action of the back pressure plate at the outlet of the screw press dewatering machine, the internal pressure gradually increased. Driven by the continuous operation of the screw driving shaft, the water in the sludge was extruded and discharged, and the solid content of the filter cake was continuously increased, finally achieving continuous dewatering of the sludge.

Screw press dewatering machineScrew press dewatering machine

Self-cleaning: The rotation of screw shaft drives the moving ring to rotate continuously. The screw press dewatering machine realizes the continuous self-cleaning process by moving the fixed ring and the moving ring, thus avoiding the common blockage problem of traditional water extractor.

Application of screw press dewatering machine

The dehydration of wine lees, fruit dregs, pharmaceutical dregs and cassava dregs can greatly reduce the burden of the dryer, greatly increase the output and greatly reduce energy consumption. It is an essential treatment equipment before drying of high wet materials.


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