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Sweet potato starch health benefits

Date:Sep 21, 2018/ Industry news/ Chat online

Introduction of sweet potato and sweet potato starch
After three years of research and selection, the World Health Organization (WHO) has identified six of the healthiest foods and the top ten junk foods. The most healthy foods selected include the best vegetables, the best fruits, the best meat, the best cooking oil, the best soup, the best brain food. And sweet potato is listed as the champion of thirteen best vegetables.

sweet potato& sweet potato starch

Sweet potato & sweet potato starch

Sweet potato starch is extracted from sweet potato by sweet potato starch processing machine after a series of procedure. Sweet potato in sweet potato starch contains a variety of nutrients needed by the human body. Each 500 grams of sweet potato can produce about 635 kcal of heat, containing protein (protein food) 11.5 grams, sugar 14.5 grams, fat 1 gram, phosphorus 100 mg, calcium 90 mg, iron (iron food) 2 grams, carotene 0.5 mg, It also contains vitamins B1, B2, C and niacin, linoleic (oily food) acid and the like. The content of vitamins B1 and B2 is 6 times and 3 times higher than that of rice, respectively. In particular, sweet potatoes are rich in lysine, while rice and flour lack lysine. But many people have not realized it yet.

sweet potato starch uses

Sweet potato starch uses

The introduction of sweet potato starch heatlh benefits
1. Sweet potato starch maintains the nutrients of fresh potatoes more completely, such as: protein, amino acid, vitamins, fat, sugar, trace elements, cellulose, etc., and sweet potato contains anti-cancer and anti-radiation selenium elements that the human body cannot synthesize.

2, sweet potato starch maintains the original flavor of sweet potato, rich in liquid protein can effectively inhibit hardening of the arteries, prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc., rich in cellulose can run the intestines, detoxification, laxative.

3. Refined sweet potato starch containing dehydroepiandroxone has the effect of inhibiting and preventing cancer.

4, Calcium and magnesium in sweet potato starch can prevent osteoporosis; potassium has the effect of lowering blood pressure.

5. Chlorogenic acid in sweet potato can inhibit the production of melanin which is thought to cause freckles and age spots.

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