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High fructose corn syrup


What is high fructose corn syrup ? 

High fructose corn syrup, with the starch or starchiness as the raw material, is a kind of mixing syrup with glucose and fructose as the main ingredients, after the glucose isomerization of glucose. High fructose corn syrup is starch sugar with high sweetness, colorless and odorless, with pure sweet taste and good liquidity at room temperature, which is a kind of new sugar source to substitute for cane sugar.
The high fructose corn syrup with the fructose content not lower than 42% (calculated by dry substance) is F-42 type, and the high fructose corn syrup with the fructose content not lower than 55% (calculated by dry substance) is F-55 type.


Application of  High fructose corn syrup:
The sweetness of high fructose corn syrup is the same as that of cane sugar, with special features, so the application scope of high fructose corn syrup is wider than that of cane sugar. It is not only widely used in food, canned fruit, jam, dairy products, beverage, tobacco, cold drink, fruit juice, preserved fruit and wines, but also in heath food, household seasoning and daily use chemicals. In beverage production and food processing, it can substitute for cane sugar wholly or partially. Due to its full-bodied flavor, when it is used in beverage, it can keep the original fruit flavor of fruit juice beverage. Taking fructose beverage can increase the physical ability and endurance, and can help athletes keep their physical strength and rapidly eliminate fatigue.

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