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Fructose syrup production equipment


High fructose corn syrup introduction:
   High fructose corn syrup is called HFCS for short. The saccharified liquid from enzymic method saccharified starch isomerizes part of glucose into fructose through the isomerization effect by glucose isomerase. It is a kind of mixing syrup which consists of glucose and fructose. 
    High fructose corn syrup can replace cane sugar. Just like cane sugar, it can be widely applied in food and beverage industry. Especially in beverage industry, it has better flavor and taste and lower price than cane sugar. Its usage has outstanding advantages in food and beverage industry.
Detailed description process of  high fructose corn syrup production equipment
1.Size mixing and liquidation:
    Corn flour or rice flour is mixed with water . PH is adjusted 5.0-6.0. After size mixing, it is added high temperature liquefying enzyme, and then reaches spraying liquidator through slurry pump. The temperature after spraying is controlled at 100--110°C, and the time for heat preservation is 60min, then the second spraying temperature is 120-125℃. Flash evaporation reduces temperature to about 96°C,and the time for heat preservation is 2 hours. After destroying the enzyme activity, it removes the fat.
    It utilizes saccharifying enzyme, and saccharifies when the mash temperature reaches 58-60℃. It goes to the next section upon reaching the required DE value.
3.Liquid glucose decoloration:
    After once and twice active carbon decoloration process, it can remove fat, protein and coloring matter in the liquid glucose.
4.Super membrane filtration:
    After decoloration, when the clear liquid passes inspection, it can enter into the membrane filtration system to remove the soluble protein in the liquid glucose and reduce the protein content.
5.Ion exchange:
    It adjusts the liquid glucose temperature and PH value and cools temperature before exchange. The liquid glucose pumps into ion exchange system for desalination and remove the ash on the liquid glucose.
    After desalination, under vacuum conditions, the liquid glucose is heated for evaporation. When the liquid glucose concentration reaches the range that the technology requires, then it cools the temperature and enters into the next section. 
7.Isomerization section:
   After adjusting acidity, concentration and the microelements of the syrup, it enters into the heterogeneous column. Under the immobilization isomerase effect, it isomerizes glucose into fructose and produces 42% original syrup.
8.Syrup refining:
    We process the original syrup by secondary decoloration, refining exchange, secondary concentration, compound preparation, and temperature adjustment, then pump it into the end products tank for storage. The end product is F42 high fructose corn syrup. 


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